Free Stamps for Schools

Stamps in Schools Program

The educational value of stamp collecting has been well documented over the years; some schools conduct their own stamp clubs as an extra curricular activity. 

The benefit of the research involved and information gained on a variety of topics as well as historical and geographical knowledge gained by collectors is inestimable. 

Additionally the hobby provides many enjoyable hours of activity.

The Sydney Youth Stamp Group (SYSG) seeks to assist with the introduction of the hobby into your Primary school.  We will provide, free of charge, a limited number of Collecting Kits, packets of stamps for beginners and one stock book (stamp album) full of stamps for your school to use to allow young collectors to swap stamps.

As the program is in its initial stages we would be guided by the school as to its implementation.  It is envisaged, however, that a specified contact person could be made available to promote the program and to distribute the Collecting kits and packets of stamps to interested students.  The stock book of stamps would need to be kept, either by this person or in the library with arrangements being made for pupils to attend during their lunch break (or at some other agreed time) to swap stamps with those in the stock book. 

A designated person or a keen collector could be made responsible for making contact with SYSG when more stamps are needed for the stock book.  The stamps needed to restock the book together with additional stamp packs needed would be provided by SYSG, free of charge.

To participate in this program please contact the Co-ordinator

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