Workshop Activities

Children washing stamps of envelopes

Each workshop has different activities depending on the theme of the day.
These activities may include:

  • Washing Stamps off Envelopes
  • A power point presentation e.g. Canadian Stamps, Types of stamps, and Penguins on Stamps.
  • A Video (Videos are supplied by Australia Post; they include Stamp Collecting month topics such as Space and Mega Fauna).
  • Making a stamp page
  • Something creative; making a model, collage, colouring in, making cards, etc.  All of the materials required for these activities will be provided.
  • Viewing a Stamp Display
  • Games; Bird Bingo, Stamp Dominoes, Puzzles, Memory Game
  • Addressing an Envelope
  • Swapping stamps
  • Quizzes e.g. stamp catalogue quiz
  • Listening to a guest speaker talking about some aspect of stamp collecting or exhibiting, or an Australia Post procedure
  • Learning how to use a stamp catalogue to find information about the stamps
  • Practice using stamp hinges to mount stamps onto Album pages
  • Group activities, e.g. making a postal history time line, sorting through stamps to find sets
  • The Seniors can obtain stamps from the SYSG stock books

There is a lunch break of approximately 30 minutes.  Lunch consists of freshly made sandwiches and cordial.

At the conclusion of each workshop, awards & prizes are given to those children who have achieved 100 points*.
Model of a wombat, the children have covered with stampsEach Child receives a “Goodies” bag when leaving.  “Goodies” bags contain approximately 12 collectible philatelic items.

Full adult supervision is provided at the workshops. However any parents who wish to attend and participate will be made most welcome.

*Points are earned when some of the activities are marked; points are also awarded when the registration forms are received by the coordinator on time.

Philatelic Trivia